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About Jani-Hur

Jani-Hur is the manager of a Finnish FootStar talent Pyry Äijö. Early in his career he was an active member of Scotland's FootStar community. He has also worked actively in the management team of a Glasgow based FootStar team Gartcairn in Scotland Premier League.

The portrait of Jani-Hur

Jani-Hur has also managed a virtual Hattrick football team Metsänkulman Pallo-Peikot since 2003. The team is located in Vesilahti, South Pirkanmaa Region, Finland. Currently his activities with the team are in very low priority.

Jani-Hur has been involved in computer, board, card, mail, email, role-playing and on-line gaming since mid-1980's. His occasional on-line gaming used to take place in Deliantra, but recently he has been seen in World of Tanks.

On his spare time he works with Oracle databases and emerging cloud and programming technologies in a fast pacing software start-up. He also runs never-ending detached house renovation project and many other family affairs.

Jani-Hur has been on-line since 1994 under different brands. Currently he can be contacted at webmaster@jani-hur.net.

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